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NYTCo Earnings Call: Citing Weakness in Display, Shifts Emphasis To CPC Rev Model

Posted in Doom by futureofprint on January 28, 2009

Update: In the middle of the call discussing its poor Q4 performance, Martin Nisenholtz, NYTCo’s SVP for digital operations, said that with display looking particularly weak at, the company would begin a site redesign that’s intended to reduce its exposure to display. Instead, cost-per-click is a growing category for About, and the redesign would try to exploit that more.


The Canary At The New York Times Grows Larger As Internet Advertising Keeps Dropping

Posted in Doom by futureofprint on January 28, 2009

The advertising situation at the New York Times is not getting any better. Today, the company released its fourth quarter earnings. Total advertising revenues were down 13.1 percent in the quarter to $1.8 billion. Of that, its total Internet advertising revenues from,, and primarily was only $$81.9 million, down 3.5 percent.

Internet advertising only accounts for 12 percent of the company’s annual revenues for the year, it made $309 million from Internet advertising, up 9.3 percent. But as one of the largest media sites on the Web it is an important bellwether.

Google gives up on Print Ads – Pulls the plug.

Posted in Doom, Stop the presses by futureofprint on January 20, 2009

In the last few months, we’ve been taking a long, hard look at all the things we are doing to ensure we are investing our resources in the projects that will have the biggest impact for our users and partners. While we hoped that Print Ads would create a new revenue stream for newspapers and produce more relevant advertising for consumers, the product has not created the impact that we — or our partners — wanted. As a result, we will stop offering Print Ads on February 28. For advertisers who have campaigns already booked, we will place their ads through March 31.

via Traditional Media: Let’s Take it Offline: Turning the page on Print Ads.

Earnings: Lee Enterprises’ Q1 Profit Plummets 69 Percent; Online Revs Slide 14 Percent

Posted in Doom by futureofprint on January 20, 2009

Lee Enterprises NYSE: LEE got a necessary reprieve last week when it received waivers on extending its latest debt payment, but it is surely not out of the woods by any stretch. And while no one was expecting that profits would even hold steady, preliminary Q1 figures show a staggering loss, as earnings from continuing op plunged 69 percent to $6.8 million $0.15 per share from $22.1 million $0.48 per share a year ago.

Gannett says it will sell or close Tucson Citizen

Posted in Doom, Stop the presses by futureofprint on January 17, 2009

Gannett Co., the largest newspaper publisher in the country, will close the Tucson Citizen if it does not find a buyer for certain assets owned by the paper by March 21.

Another Newspaper Down: Hearst About To Pull The Plug On Seattle’s Post-Intelligencer

Posted in Stop the presses by futureofprint on January 9, 2009

SEATTLE (AP) — Hearst Corp. put Seattle’s oldest newspaper, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, up for sale on Friday and said that if it can’t find a buyer in the next 60 days the paper would likely close or continue to exist only online.

via Seattle Post-Intelligencer is put up for sale – Yahoo! Finance.

Want To See Where Media Is Going? Follow The Money.

Posted in Doom by futureofprint on January 8, 2009

In a report released this morning, boutique investment bank Jordan, Edmiston Group estimates that between 88 percent of the publishing and advertising industry’s revenue growth over the next few years will come from four sectors: Database & Information, B2B Online Media, Consumer Online Media, and Interactive Marketing Services. In other words, it will be coming mostly from the Web. In contrast, between 2001 and 2007, only 33 percent of industry growth came from these sectors. The other 67 percent came from traditional publishing businesses such as newspapers and magazines (formerly known as print media

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Eric Schmidt wishes Google could save newspapers

Posted in Doom by futureofprint on January 7, 2009

Interesting quotes from Schmidt:

I think the solution is tighter integration. The term I’ve been using is “merge without merging.” The web allows you to do that, where you can get the web systems of both organizations fairly well integrated, and you don’t have to do it on an exclusive basis.

We have a mechanism that enhances online subscriptions, but part of the reason it doesn’t take off is that in the culture of the Internet, information wants to be free. We’ve tried to get newspapers to integrate their products more tightly with ours. We’d like to help them better monetize their customer base. We have tools that make that easier. I wish I had a brilliant idea, but I don’t.

via Eric Schmidt wishes Google could save newspapers – Jan. 7, 2009.

Ad Agencies Try To Create Online Marketplaces

Posted in Boom by futureofprint on January 6, 2009

After witnessing ad networks and exchanges capture more revenue from major marketers these last few years, traditional media agencies are starting to play catch up. Interpublic Group’s buying and planning shop Mediabrands is working on a digital marketplace tool for clients that will include behavioral targeting. IPG’s major ad holding company rivals are not far behind either, WSJ says, noting that WPP Group, Publicis Groupe and Havas are also trying to come up with similar programs.

—What’s coming: As for what Mediabrands’ will be doing, the company’s online marketplace system will gather inventory from ad networks and ad exchanges. It will then cull data from sites visited by consumers and then match it to information in the marketer’s own customer database. The company will then devise a media plan around that data.

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Gannett Lifts The Curtain On Local/National Hybrid Site ContentOne

Posted in Boom by futureofprint on January 6, 2009

Gannett (NYSE: GCI) is going live with its local/national web hybrid ContentOne this morning, says Jim Hopkins on his Gannett Blog. The program was introduced by execs speaking at the UBS Media Week conference last month. At the time, Craig Dubow, Gannett’s chairman, president and CEO, said ContentOne would serve as an exchange between its 85 local papers’ websites and USA Today’s site on the national level.

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