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New York Times Launches Cool Newswire-Type Thing

Posted in Boom by futureofprint on February 23, 2009

The New York Times (NYT) continues to lead the traditional news industry in online innovation. The company has by far the largest newspaper site, with 45+ million monthly uniques. It continues to open up to its readers (occasionally, we’ve even spotted comments on the front page). It also continues to roll out new features, such as the one Allen Stern describes below. won’t save the company: It doesn’t generate enough revenue to pay for the print infrastructure and news room. But it will ensure that the New York Times’ brand, influence, and content remain a major force, even if the company itself ends up changing hands or getting restructured.

Allen Stern, CenterNetworks:

The big news coming out of the morning sessions was that there is a new API launching next week called TimesNewswire. This will give developers access to live headlines. Attendee Kellan called this new api a New York Times firehose and noted, “NewsWire API is the paper’s stream of consciousness.”

via New York Times Launches Cool Newswire-Type Thing (NYT).


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