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NAA: Print ad revenues plummet

Posted in Doom by futureofprint on April 1, 2009

Print newspaper ad revenues tumbled more than 17 percent in 2008, according to statistics released last week by the Newspaper Association of America.

NAA said the industry posted full-year print ad revenues of $34.7 billion, down 17.7 percent from 2007.

It’s the biggest drop NAA ever recorded.

Online ad revenues, meantime, also dropped by almost 2 percent, to $3.1 billion. Overall, the newspaper industry’s print and online ad revenues dropped 16.6 percent, to $37.8 billion. In 2007 the industry recorded more than $45.3 billion in print and online ad revenues.

Among the categories:

•National ad revenues fell 14.4 percent, to just under $6 billion.

•Retail fell 11 percent, to $18.7 billion.

•Classified fell almost 30 percent, to just under $10 billion.

Among the classified categories, employment ad revenues dropped 42 percent; real estate fell 37 percent and automotive ads slid 29.1 percent, NAA reported.

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