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View Pass: aiming not only to help charge online but to increase ad revenue – Editors Weblog

Posted in Boom by futureofprint on June 5, 2009

Alan Mutter has confirmed that he was one of three people who made a presentation at the ‘secret’ newspaper executives’ meeting in Chicago last week. The product he was discussing, which he has developed in conjunction with tech entrepreneur Ridgely Evers is ViewPass: a single, industry-owned brand that would enable consumers to access paid content on websites and mobile platforms from all participating publishers.

Mutter compared ViewPass to a Visa card, and clarified that it would consist of a “simple, one-time registration system that would remember users as they moved among participating websites.” It would support micropayments, subscriptions and bundles of content, similar to Journalism Online. “To address the concern that many consumers may rebel against pay walls,” reads the document given to publishers at the meeting, obtained by NiemanLab, ViewPass also gives publishers the option of letting users “pay” for content with time or information rather than just cash.

Via – EditorsWebLog


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