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Google’s Grab for the Display Ad Market – BusinessWeek

Posted in Doom by futureofprint on June 12, 2009

For all its success selling text ads alongside search results, Google GOOG can’t seem to make a go of it anywhere else in the ad world. In January, it shut down a two-year-old operation that sold print ads in newspapers. A few weeks later it abandoned an effort to buy and sell radio spots. And a TV ad project has been slow-going. To make matters worse, the economy has hit Google’s mainstay search ads: First-quarter revenue growth of 6%, though better than many companies in the recession, is far below its high double-digit gains of years past.

In its hunt for new growth, the search giant is redoubling efforts to grab a bigger piece of the largest online ad market it doesn’t control: display ads, the pictorial banners and videos that account for more than a third of the $40 billion online ad market. “Google has won the search battle, so its whole future is display,” says Jay Sears, executive vice-president for strategic products and business development with online ad firm ContextWeb.

Via Business Week


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