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Posted in Boom by futureofprint on March 29, 2010

Google has jumped into the discussion about the future of advertising with a series of blog posts, touting the creative possibilities of display advertising that combines its proprietary surprise, surprise DoubleClick Rich Media technology with hot services like Facebook and Twitter.

This week’s offering featured a Harley-Davidson promotion that was attention-grabbing, all right, with its incongruous mix of bikes, war and sex. The headline of the Veteran’s Day-timed message reads, “A Salute from the Home Front to Those Who Defend Freedom.”

According to Google’s Neal Mohan, the real point is interactivity and engagement, with a complex multimedia display that comes close to being a full Web site. More than 280,000 have viewed the video, he wrote, and 18,000 took time to write tributes. And they presumably thought good things about Harley-Davidson in the process.
I’ve seen this type of ad before, and I think our friends at Google are right that we will be seeing many more of these rich-media, participative ads.
Another example from Mohan is the introduction of the Volvo XC60 at the New York Auto Show. Prominently displaying a Twitter feed from the show, the campaign drew 170 million impressions, 50,000 clicks and 17,000 hours of brand engagement — pretty hot numbers.

via Poynter Online – The Biz Blog.


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