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Media company as agency: a trend long overdue? | Econsultancy

Posted in Boom by futureofprint on April 28, 2010

Competition is always tough amongst ad agencies. And soon it may get even tougher. That’s because media companies are moving in on agency territory.

In an article discussing Conde Nast’s new creative services offering, AdAge’s Brian Steinberg points out that “no one can really say they corner the market on how to make things work in paid search, social media, or mobile marketing.” So some media companies are likely to follow Conde Nast’s lead in taking advantage of their unique positions to expand their relationships with marketers, and, they hope, their bottom lines.

For Conde Nast, the decision to move into agency territory was a no brainer. Drew Schutte, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, explained to AdAge: Last year we were doing over 30 custom programs per quarter, and now we’re doing 50, and often people were asking us, “I have this other thing I need you to do.” And we had to pass on it. So we thought, “Why are we turning them away?”

via Media company as agency: a trend long overdue? | Econsultancy.


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