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iPad users are big news consumers: study

Posted in Boom by futureofprint on May 10, 2010

In good news for the news media, iPad users are twice as likely to be interested in news, sports and finance than the typical visitor to the various websites operated by Yahoo, according to an analysis provided by the web portal.Marking one of the first efforts to understand the burgeoning iPad population, Yahoo found that the initial audience for the Apple tablet is weighted toward men between the ages of 30 to 54.

With the audience skewed most strongly to those between the ages of 35 and 44, the iPad generation appears to be younger than the Kindle crowd, which trended into the 50s and beyond in an informal poll of users at the Amazon website.In comparing iPad users to the over-all traffic at the various Yahoo properties, the portal found that iPadders are 2.2 times more interested in financial news than the average Yahoo visitor, 2.0x more interested in general news and 1.9x times more interested in sports. iPadders also accessed Flickr, the picture-sharing website, 2.4x more than the average Yahoo visitor.

via Reflections of a Newsosaur: iPad users are big news consumers: study.

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