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Ex-Google News, Bing Engineers Set Out To Build ‘Newspaper Of The Future’

Posted in Doom by futureofprint on July 16, 2010

Delivering news digitally in a personalized manner is a nut many a startup – as well as many established Internet companies and publishers – are desperately trying to crack.

A newly-founded Palo Alto startup called Hawthorne Labs is one of them.Today, the company released their first application, dubbed APOLLO, for the iPad iTunes link – screenshots and video below. Their lofty ambition is to become the number one daily destination of top personalized news content from around the Web, build a genuine Newspaper of the Future™, and thus “deliver the final blow to the newspaper industry”.

Apollo is quite similar to Pandora in that it uses an algorithm using factors such as time spent on articles, sources favorited, articles liked/not-liked as well as social elements like Twitter and Facebook mentions and similar peoples’ tastes etc. to help users discover the best content for them in a variety of categories Top News, Business, Tech, Sports and so on.

via Ex-Google News, Bing Engineers Set Out To Build ‘Newspaper Of The Future’.


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