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Copia Plans Low-Cost 7″ And 10″ Tablets As Well As E-Ink Devices

Posted in Tablets by futureofprint on July 29, 2010

Just a couple hours ago, news broke of the $99 Copia Wave5 e-reader, or tablet, or whatever you want to call a 5″ LCD-based device focused on reading. That isn’t the extent of the lineup, however: Copia has two more LCD-based tablets coming out soon, as well as two E-ink-based readers with Kindle-esque designs.

As they’ve said since their CES debut, the draw is supposed to be their unique social platform, which allows a community of readers to exchange reviews, recommendations, and so on — and although it will start as an exclusive to Copia-branded devices, they’re trying to go OEM and make the Copia service the premier social layer for e-books.

In addition to the devices I am about to go over, I am told that iPad, Windows 7, and Android apps are planned for later in the year, in addition to a browser-accessible web app. Whether the Copia app and service can survive alongside the popular Kindle app as well as all the others, like Kobo is difficult to say, but as I have noted, consumers want as little fragmentation as possible in their experience.

via Copia Plans Low-Cost 7″ And 10″ Tablets As Well As E-Ink Devices.


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