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New York Times To License “DNA” Of Its Mobile Apps To Other Publishers

Posted in Tablets by futureofprint on August 2, 2010

As one of the world’s leading media publishers, it’s critical for The New York Times Company to stay ahead of the curve in the digital space, or die trying. Hence, its efforts on the desktop with Times Reader 2.0, as well as its mobile website and multi-platform applications.

But the company has now come up with an additional way of deriving sorely needed revenues from its mobile apps apart from selling or slapping ads on them: licensing.

The NYT is reportedly experimenting with a platform dubbed Press Engine, which will allow other publishers to produce their own apps for devices such as the iPhone and iPad, apparently because they kept asking for a decent way to do so.

According to AdAge, which gained insights about the platform straight from a Times spokesperson, publishers will pay a one-time license fee for the platform at first, followed by a monthly maintenance fee. Any revenues generated from advertising or distribution of the apps, the publishers will get to keep for themselves.Update: the press release is up. The iPhone and iPad application templates will include the following features:

– partial offline reading and the ability to save articles;

– share functionality;

– photo gallery, audio and video;

– horizontal and vertical reading;

– simple search; and

– device-standard advertising units.

via New York Times To License “DNA” Of Its Mobile Apps To Other Publishers.


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