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Media Buyers Need Time To Think? Get Automated 10/04/2010

Posted in Boom by futureofprint on October 4, 2010


There’s that “T” word again. Technology that automates media buys, cutting costs and time, giving media buyers time to think about more strategic campaigns.

Most marketers seem to understand automation tools streamline media buying, but not many embrace it. Do media buyers not realize automation squeezes out excess costs from the planning process similar to the way it eliminated costs from the manufacturing supply chain.

Automation enabled companies like Intel and Dell to reduce the cost of goods sold. The same thing will happen to the media buying process for paid search and display ads. Automation squeezes excess cost from processes. Media buyers who want to remove the fat from the media buying process will automate.

via MediaPost Publications Media Buyers Need Time To Think? Get Automated 10/04/2010.