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Newspapers Top Broadcasters In Web Video Streaming

Posted in Boom by futureofprint on December 23, 2010

Newspapers surpassed broadcasters for the first time in the third quarter in total video minutes streamed and the number of video titles uploaded, according to the latest data from analytics firm TubeMogul and video-hosting service Brightcove.

Newspaper sites had a total of 313 million minutes of video streamed compared to 290 million for broadcast sites. Meanwhile, the number of videos downloaded on newspaper sites surged 51% quarter-to-quarter and 110% from a year ago to 482,000, more than any other type of media company.”

This is an interesting development, and suggests that newspapers are rapidly adopting and producing video content for what was once a print business,” notes the TubeMogul/Brightcove report. It also noted that in contrast with longer-format content on broadcast sites, newspapers are producing many more, but fewer, titles on a rolling basis. That approach likely has more appeal for advertisers, allowing them to run more pre-roll spots more often.

“Newspapers have a lot of battle scars from the digital crusades of the last decade, so they’ve become pretty tenacious when it comes to the Internet,” observed Gordon Borrell, president of local media research firm Borrell Associates. A major part of that effort has been seizing on video in innovative ways to draw in online audiences. Because of concerns about cannibalizing TV viewership and ad revenue, broadcast companies have been more reluctant to embrace online video.

Thanks in part to the influx of video ad dollars, newspapers for the first time in five years have actually gained share of local online advertising dollars, according to Borrell. “Not much, but enough for us to say that they appear to be turning the corner and evolving from ‘newspaper’ companies to ‘media’ companies,” he said. Outfits like The New York Times and McClatchy Corp. will get about 25% of their revenue this quarter from digital compared to 5% to 7% for most broadcast companies.

via MediaPost Publications Newspapers Top Broadcasters In Web Video Streaming 12/23/2010.

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