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Research: iPad ads boost key marketing metrics

Posted in Boom, Tablets by futureofprint on January 24, 2011



A new study commissioned by Adobe found that ads in digital magazines outperformed static ads by as much as 70 percent in areas such as engagement, attitude and purchase intent.

The study, performed by Dr. Alex Wang from the University of Connecticut, tested ads in digital and print editions of Wired magazine. The study group comprised 65 consumers between 18-32 years old. Participants viewed either a print version of Wired or the Wired app on an iPad. Participants were asked to browse a section of the magazine that included seven ads, and were also asked to review a specific ad.

Participants rated the ads on a 9-point scale across five categories: perceived interactivity, perceived engagement, message involvement, attitude and purchase intention. Wang found that among the two groups, the interactive ads outperformed their static counterparts across all five categories.

“With digital magazines, we’ve seen a more immersive reading experience,” Dave Dickson, Adobe’s product marketing manager for digital publishing, said in an interview. “More interactivity actually drives results for brand advertisers, which has resulted in premium inventory.”

via Research: iPad ads boost key marketing metrics.